Students and Thesis Proposals

Thesis proposals

This is a short list of research topics I’m currently working on.  If you want to write a thesis in one of the following  topics or,  more in general, in software engineering, business processes, socio-technical systems, goal models or security and privacy  don’t hesitate to contact me.

Green Security- requirements specification 

Cybersecurity is a key property of any IT system that, unfortunately, comes at a price of a high computational complexity overhead that cannot be neglected in terms of extra energy used and impact on its the environment. Goal of this thesis is to survey cybersecurity mechanisms to determine their energy usage and identify how security requirements can be specified to design systems that minimizes cybersecurity energy consumption.

Green Security- Business processes optimisation

Business processes can be used to specify security behavior of components of information system. Unluckily, security mechanisms employed in business processes add a noticeable layer of complexity that impacts on the amount of energy used and, therefore, on the environment. Goal of this thesis is to define a method to design business processes of information systems that minimize the energy used by cybersecurity while preserving security requirements satisfaction.

Green Security- Assets (data) identification

Cybersecurity adds a noticeable layer of complexity that impacts on the amount of energy used and, therefore, on the environment. Reducing the amount of data protected is, therefore, a key step for a green transition of IT. Goal of this thesis is to create a method that allows to identify precisely the data that needs to be protected, the protection required and if they can be transformed preserving their value for data consumers while diminishing it for possible hackers.

Green Security- Trust management

Trust is directly proportional to the amount of cybersecurity mechanisms employed in information systems. Unfortunately, cybersecurity adds a considerable overhead, increasing the amount of energy used and its impact on the environment. Goal of this thesis is to explore the link between trust and cybersecurity, and to create a method that considers trust in the design of information systems to mitigate the impact on energy consumption of cybersecurity mechanisms.

Students I (co)supervised in the past years.

Giulia Mangiaracina (2020) MsC computer science
Thesis title: An Adaptive Multi-agent Based Approach to Improve DaaS in Fog Computing

Michele Cantarutti (2018) MsC computer science
Thesis title: Fast Replica of Polyglot Persistence in Microservice Architectures for Fog Computing

Alessandro Mandelli (2018) MsC computer science
Thesis title: Analysis of Data Movement and Computation Movement with Spark for Fog Environments

Michele Grisafi (2018) BsC computer science
Thesis title: Predizione di errori in Business Processes – Utilizzo della history log e del machine learning per una predizione efficace

Roberto Passatempi (2017) BsC computer science
Thesis title: Analisi del rischio: il passaggio da un modello socio-organizzativo ad un modello tecnico-procedurale

Luca Rospocher (2017) BsC computer science
Thesis title: Risk Analysis of Socio-Technical Systems

Giovanni Rafael Vuolo (2017) BsC computer scienceThesis title: Security and Risk Analysis in Business Processes: an extension of the SecBPMN2 Tool with CORAS methodology

Giovanni Maria Riva (2017) BsC computer science
Thesis title: Definizione e analisi di meta-policy per la verifica automatizzata della compliance di business process

Daniele Giovanella (2017) BsC computer science
Thesis title: Verifica della gestione del consenso: identificazione delle deviazioni di esecuzione di processi tramite log

Nicola Gilberti (2017) BsC computer science
Thesis title: Il trattamento dei dati personali nei social network: applicazione del metodo STS al caso Facebook

Enrico Testori (2016) BsC computer science
Thesis title: Scaling dinamico di microservizi

Marco Robol (2016) MsC computer science
Thesis title: An Implicit Negotiation Approach for a Multi-Agent Simulation of Human-Like Coordination Mechanisms

Andrea Cristiano (2016) BsC computer science
Thesis title: Privacy an Social Networks

Muluken Demis Ashagrie (2015) MsC computer science
Thesis title: Enforcement of social/organizational security requirements: an air traffic management case study

Brian Kimose (2015) MsC computer science
Thesis title: Modeling and analyzing ISO/IEC 27002 Standard with STS and SecBPMN2 frameworks