Current Projects

HBD: Heath Big Data. HBD is a 10 year project founded by heath ministry for the creation of a platform that will help the collaboration among health research centres in Italy (IRCCS) for multi-centric research projects. I coordinate the Working Group  on Privacy, Security and Ethics.

Past projects

DITASData-intensive applications Improvement by moving daTA and computation in mixed cloud/fog environmentS (2017 – 2020). I collaborated with the consortium for the definition and implementation of a framework used to decide how to reach to changes in the environment by moving or cloning data sources.

PACAS: Participatory Architectural Change Management in ATM Systems (2016 – 2017). I coordinated the consortium to create of a platform for helping decision makers to understand impact of changes from different perspectives in Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems.

VisiOn: Increase citizen awareness on privacy (2016 – 2017). I collaborated with the partners of the VisiOn consortium to create a framework for the design of complex socio-technical systems aligned with privacy requirements define by their stakeholders.

Aniketos: Ensuring trustworthiness and security in service compositions (2011- 2014). I collaborated with the partners of the Aniketos consortium to create a framework for the automated verification of security policies in business processes.

Lucretius: Foundation for software evolution (2011- 2015). I collaborated with other researchers of the Software Engineering group in University of Trento, to define a framework for designing secure business processes for socio-technical systems.